Introducing Centre Répit, a community organization in Victoriaville

Introducing Centre Répit, a community organization in Victoriaville (2 min 01 s)

Added on February 16, 2023


The video introduces Répit's services through the descriptions provided by 3 young people who visit the centre.

Introducing Centre Répit, a community organization in Victoriaville (2 min 01 s)

Added on February 16, 2023 | Desjardins Group

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[On-screen text: Life is hard sometimes, and to keep from crumbling, I count on the love I get to lighten the load – Koriass]

[Background music]

[On-screen text: Répit in 6 inspirational stories]

[On-screen text: Inspirational story #1]

[Anne-Marie and Caroline are walking outside, heading toward Répit Jeunesse. Anne-Marie puts her hand on Caroline's shoulder for encouragement.]

Anne-Marie: Basically, Répit Jeunesse is a street-based organization. But they also provide services, like the day centre, a school; there are activities like the circus; there's a café for young people in the evening.

[Still shot of Répit's facade.]

Narrator: Répit is a community organization that's been doing street work for over 27 years.

Anne-Marie: Life can be full of upheaval, so you need somewhere … Sometimes, I need somewhere to go just so I can stop thinking, you know. If I'm home by myself, I can't stop thinking. If I come here, I can talk with the case workers.

[Anne-Marie and Caroline are sitting on a bench, joking and smiling.]

Narrator: Street workers crisscross Victoriaville to help the marginalized, and community workers welcome people to the day centre and Café Oppidum.

[Passers-by stroll in a park. A worker sits at her computer in an office.]

Dave: It's like … it's a controlled space for young people, but it's not invasive. It's been very good for me.

[Dave juggles while standing on a balance board. After, he jabs at a punching bag.]

Caroline: It's a bit like a Maison des jeunes, but it's not … we're free. We can come have a coffee, talk, play some pool, draw.

[Anne-Marie and Caroline enter Répit Jeunesse. A teen girl concentrates on a drawing.]

Anne-Marie: And if we need to get something done, need a computer, a shower, or have to do some laundry, we can.

[A shot of a well-equipped music room and the revolving drum of a loaded washer.]

Caroline: Two workers are often on the floor and, when things aren't going well, you can talk to them. And there's another aspect, they also help people who are living on the street—they can come do laundry here, get a break.

[Anne-Marie smiles while leaning over a sofa at Centre Répit. Dave holds his punching bag at the centre's gym. A shot of an empty sofa, zooming out, fades to black.]

[On-screen text: Thank you for always being there.]

[On-screen logos: Centre Répit Jeunesse and Caisse Desjardins des Bois-Francs.]

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