Case study: Lucie Tremblay

Case study: Lucie Tremblay (1 min 18 s)

Added on June 30, 2013


Working with her financial planner1, 62-year-old Lucie Tremblay, an active retiree, is looking for secure investments.

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Case study: Lucie Tremblay (1 min 18 s)

Added on June 30, 2013 | Personal

Building a strong financial future for Lucie Tremblay

As a teacher, you helped an incredible number of students realize their full potential.

Even today, former students and their parents still tell you how you've made a difference in their lives.

Naturally, when you decided to retire, it was an emotional time.

But today, you're living your new life with real enthusiasm.

You have a nice pension and you've made regular contributions to your RRSP so you've done well for yourself.

But you're still looking for effective ways to protect your capital and, most of all, make it last.

That's why you sat down with your financial planner… someone you've done business with for years, the kind of professional who really understands your needs.

He recommended investments for your non-registered holdings that are prudent, worthwhile, and meet your investment profile.

If that wasn't enough, he introduced you to a financial security advisor who helped you make the right insurance choices.

It all adds up to real peace-of-mind, and free time to start planning that cruise to the Mediterranean you and your spouse have always dreamed of.