Case study: John Blackburn

Case study: John Blackburn (1 min 12 s)

Added on June 30, 2013


With the help of his private wealth manager1, John Blackburn, a 59-year-old business owner decided to sell his business.

  1. Private wealth managers are advising representatives or assistant advising representatives for Gestion Placements Desjardins Inc., registered as a investment fund portfolio manager with the Autorité des marchés financiers (AMF).

Video: Case study: John Blackburn

Case study: John Blackburn (1 min 12 s)

Added on June 30, 2013 | Personal

Building a strong financial future for John Blackburn

For years, you took care of other people's health. Now it's time to take care of yours.

In fact, after your illness last year, you decided to sell your shares in the drugstore.

It was a major turning point in your life that came with a ton of financial decisions.

Like how do you invest all that money the sale brought in?

To get answers, you talked to Desjardins Private Wealth Management.

They gave you the kind of top-flight service you deserve.

Right from the start, they put together an integrated financial plan that covers every tax consideration.

Plus, a notary took care of your estate inventory, and a financial security advisor recommended some excellent life insurance.

Finally, a portfolio manager took charge of your investments, working within the parameters you established with him.

From now on, you'll have an entire multidisciplinary team in your corner.

It is, after all, your turn to be taken care of.

Some services may be offered by Desjardins Group subsidiaries.

All Desjardins Private Wealth Management trust services are offered by Desjardins Trust financial planning firm.

Financial security advisors are employees of Desjardins Financial Security, Financial Services Firm.