Case study: Gérard Bastien

Case study: Gérard Bastien (1 min 19 s)

Added on June 30, 2013


Gérard Bastien is 61 years old and financially comfortable. He's a semi-retired consultant who manages some of his own assets.

Video: Case study: Gérard Bastien

Case study: Gérard Bastien (1 min 19 s)

Added on June 30, 2013 | Personal

Building a strong financial future for Gérard Bastien

After a long career, you're finally on the retirement track.

But it turns out your skills are still very much in demand. So much so, that you take on a few consulting contracts.

Still, you work much less than you used to.

Your mortgage is paid, you have no debt and you're bringing in good money. In short, your financial situation is more than comfortable.

After giving it some thought, you decide to consolidate all your accounts into one at your Desjardins branch.

It'll be a lot more practical and the fees are a lot lower.

Your financial planner tells you about Chorus II portfolios, an excellent tool for non-registered investments. Perfect for increasing your after-tax returns.

And, because you're interest in the stock market is growing, you also invest a small sum through Disnat, the Desjardins Securities online brokerage. It gives you access to user-friendly trading platforms and tools for research and analysis.

Finally, to help you cover your tax liability upon death, you sign up for life insurance.

Which means, everything is taken care of, so you can spend more time with the one thing that makes you happiest-your granddaughter.

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