Case study: Benoît Fortier

Case study: Benoît Fortier (1 min 21 s)

Added on June 30, 2013


Benoît Fortier is a 51-year-old engineer who is in control of his finances. As an independent leader, he doesn't need help.

Video: Case study: Benoît Fortier

Case study: Benoît Fortier (1 min 21 s)

Added on June 30, 2013 | Personal

Building a strong financial future for Benoît Fortier

As an engineer, you've built yourself a nice clientele over the years.

You've earned a partnership in the firm, and you own several rental properties.

You might say you're at the peak of your professional life.

People who know you say you're into calculated risks… especially when it comes to your investments.

Fiercely independent and always on top of the economic news, you like to do your own trading (thank you very much).

That's why you use trading platforms from Disnat, the Desjardins Securities online brokerage.

You even take advantage of Prestige, which gives you significant savings on fees and priority access to customer services.

To reduce your tax burden, you talked to a financial planner at your branch, and he recommended some highly effective solutions, like Desjardins Capital régional et coopératif shares, among others.

What's more, he helped you understand the importance of getting life insurance, a product offered through a financial security advisor, which would provide your loved ones with the cash they need pending settlement of your estate.

And so you can sip your coffee with a sense of complete confidence.

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