Pauline Boland, Casualty Claim Specialist (Accident Benefits)

Pauline Boland, Casualty Claim Specialist (Accident Benefits) (1 min 45 s)

Added on October 20, 2011


Casualty Claim Specialists assist clients and collaborating units of the Accident Benefits Department by providing technical instructions and strategies to claims advisors. To do this, specialists analyze claims and identify benefit solutions with claims advisors, clients and other parties involved.


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Pauline Boland, Casualty Claim Specialist (Accident Benefits) (1 min 45 s)

Added on October 20, 2011 | Desjardins Group

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[Images: Various close-up and wide-angle shots of Pauline Boland]

Pauline Boland: When I was young I used to love to read.

[On-screen text: reading]

Pauline Boland: I used to read newspapers, I used to read so many books. But my job now, that's what I do all the time. I read police reports, medical files, investigative reports. All the files are different. You get some interesting aspects from every file that you read.

[On-screen text: communication]

Pauline Boland: What's required are good communication skills: you have to be able to develop a rapport with the claims advisors and be very friendly, because we're working together for a common goal.

[On-screen text: PAULINE BOLAND Casualty Claim Specialist (Accident Benefits)]

[Image: Various shots of Pauline Boland in an open-concept office, answering the phone, looking through files, looking at a computer]

Pauline Boland: I am a casualty claim specialist in the Accident Benefits Department at Desjardins. When a claim is assigned to a claims advisor, a claims specialist is also assigned to that file. I determine how much benefits are supposed to be paid. I work with the adjusters and we problem solve together. Sometimes we attend mediations, sometimes we attend arbitrations, we discuss files and we strategize on how the file should be. That's what I do.

[On-screen text: Post-secondary, CIP]

Pauline Boland: What you need to do my job is a post-secondary education and preferably a Chartered Insurance Professional designation or you need to be working towards that goal. One of the best things about my job is working with other people. I get to work with so many nice and friendly people. You get to help clients who are injured, and you get to see them through until their symptoms have resolved. It's very rewarding, it's fun and it's exciting and we all get along together.

[On-screen text: Her talent is what moves us forward]

[On-screen text: Your talent is what moves us forward]

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