Improving the lives of communities… in Colombia!

Improving the lives of communities… in Colombia! (1 min 24 s)

Added on October 29, 2020

Step onto the field in Colombia with Lysanne Raymond, Program Manager (2017–2019) at Développement international Desjardins, and learn more about how this project supports the agricultural financial system.


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Improving the lives of communities… in Colombia! (1 min 24 s)

Added on October 29, 2020 | Desjardins Group

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[On-screen text: Improving the lives of communities in Colombia]

[Développement international Desjardins (D I D) logo]

[A woman in a wooded area, handling a plant]

[Cut to Lysanne Raymond, speaking in an office]

[On-screen text: Lysanne Raymond, Program Manager (2017–2019), Développement international Desjardins]

Raymond: Working for D I D is a wonderful challenge.

[Different views of a man being interviewed by reporters and of people in meetings discussing things]

Raymond: Although it may seem like an exotic assignment, we're doing real work that makes a real difference.

[Different views of people on the ground in Colombia, working in the fields and talking]

[A world map appears. Cut-outs of South America and Colombia are displayed.]

Raymond: Colombia is a country we've been working in for a while, more than 5 years now.

[Cut to Lysanne Raymond, speaking]

Raymond: Its rural areas have experienced decades of conflict.

[Different views of Colombian workers on farms and fields, sometimes with a member of the D I D team]

Raymond: They're recovering now, and the country is working to grow its rural economy through agriculture and small business initiatives.

[A series of logos from all the Colombian partner financial institutions is displayed.]

Raymond: We've helped more than 30 financial institutions of all sizes review their credit granting and recovery procedures in the agricultural sector.

[Different views of Colombian workers in financial institutions, in cooperatives and in the fields picking fruit]

[A D I D trainer giving a presentation]

Raymond: We've had up to 30 employees working here.

[Cut to the D I D team talking with Colombian workers]

Raymond: Some are former Desjardins employees, who we call our "expats," and some are local Colombians. It's a great combination.

[Different views of Desjardins employees together on Desjardins premises]

Raymond: Our expats are proud to represent Desjardins. They like being able to talk about the methods we've developed and pass on that knowledge.

[The D I D team giving workshops and training sessions in Colombia]

Raymond: This project has not only helped strengthen the agricultural finance sector but has also had a positive impact on members and clients as well.

[A man raking grain on a farm in front of a child, mother and D I D representative]

[On-screen text: 43,000 farmers supported]

[Government of Canada and Développement international Desjardins logos]

[Desjardins jingle]

[Desjardins logo]

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