Together, we support those battling illness

Together, we support those battling illness (2 min 16 s)

Added on December 26, 2015

Service amical basse-ville de Québec provided medical transportation services to seniors and disabled people living alone and battling illness. Thanks to Caisse Desjardins du Centre-ville de Québec, the organization now has a third vehicle and can help people it previously turned away because it lacked the resources.

Together, we support those battling illness (2 min 16 s)

Added on December 26, 2015 | Desjardins Group

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[Text on the screen: Together, we support those battling illness.]

[Shot of the narrator seated outside. While she speaks, we see a montage of a building in Lower Quebec City, a glass door with opening hours under the address, a logo of a hand holding a plant with its bare roots exposed and the name "Service amical basse-ville et aide à domicile."]

Geneviève Dubé: Le Service amical is an organisation for elderly people who have lost their autonomy or are disabled.

[Text on the screen: Geneviève Dubé, Transport Coordinator at the Service amical Basse-Ville.]

[Shot of Geneviève speaking to the camera, then successive shots of Lower Quebec City, the office, a calendar with the names of the patients and the designated companion for each.]

Geneviève Dubé: Our mandate is to help these people to stay in their homes, in the best conditions and for as long as possible. Elderly people who live alone, with no car, no networks, unable to take public transit, not always anyway… And taxis are expensive. So, a medical transport service is necessary. Some days, we had to refuse people, the demand was so heavy, because we only had 2 cars on the road, one of which was starting to show signs of wear.

[Close-up of a map of Quebec City with "Arrondissement de La Cité-Limoilou," then back to Geneviève speaking to the camera.]

Geneviève Dubé: So concretely, the Caisse Desjardins de Québec gave us a third car.

[Close-up of the side of a car with the logo on the front door, and on the back door, "A collaboration of Desjardins Caisse du Centre-ville de Québec." Exterior view of a hospital.]

[Text on the screen: Michel Hamelin, volunteer.]

[Michel speaks to the camera.]

Michel Hamelin: It's a job that means being on the road, going to pick up people at their homes and driving them to their medical appointments.

[Shots of Michel helping an elderly man get in the front seat of the car then driving with him by his side.]

Michel Hamelin: The transport service is for people who are vulnerable because they are isolated.

[Shot of Michel again in front of the camera. While he speaks, we see shots of a hospital, then Michel opening the door to the hospital for the elderly man.]

Michel Hamelin: So the drivers are chaperones who, during their time in the car, give these seniors the opportunity to see somebody, express their worries to someone, get things off their chest and even to talk about new things.

[Text on the screen: Michel Verreault, beneficiary of the service.]

[Michel Verreault, seated in a cafeteria, speaks to the camera.]

Michel Verreault: They found cancer here.

[Michel Verreault shows his neck.]

Michel Verreault: It was the first time in my life that I was so sick.

[Shot of Michel and his driver after treatment, greeting people and the coordinator Geneviève Dubé].

[While he speaks, there is a series of shots of Michel getting back in the car, helped by his driver, a close-up of them talking.]

Michel Verreault: So they operated, then I had radiation and chemotherapy treatments.

[Michel speaking to the camera]

Michel Verreault: It required a bunch of trips and I would have had to take a taxi. Taxis cost a fortune! Since I also often had the same driver each week, it was much easier to communicate with them than with a taxi driver you see once in your life. It's friendlier. That's why they work here at Amical basse-ville.

[Text on the screen: To the millions of Desjardins members, thank you.]

[Image on the screen: Desjardins logo]