How to register for AccèsD

How to register for AccèsD (2 min 50 s)

Added on July 19, 2023

This tutorial shows you how to register for AccèsD online.

How to register for AccèsD (2 min 50 s)

Added on July 19, 2023 | Personal

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[On-screen text: How to register for AccèsD]

Narrator: Follow these simple steps to register for AccèsD, Desjardins's secure platform.

[A man types on the screen of his tablet.]

Narrator: With AccèsD, you can manage your finances and do your online banking at any time from your computer or mobile device. It's easy!

[A couple shows their Desjardins Access Card while on their laptop.]

Narrator: Make sure you have your Desjardins Access Card, with 16 digits.

[The Desjardins home page appears.]

Narrator: Got to Click login in the upper right-hand corner. A drop-down menu will appear.

[A cursor clicks the Log in button and the drop-down menu appears.]

Narrator: Click the AccèsD logo or click Go, next to the AccèsD logo.

[The AccèsD login page appears.]

Narrator: Scroll down and click Register for AccèsD on the left of the screen. This brings you to our registration page.

[The AccèsD registration page appears.]

Narrator: Enter the remaining 12 digits after 4540 on your Desjardins access card and click Go.

[The Confirm identity page appears.]

Narrator: Check the box to confirm that you have read the terms of use.

Click Start.

[The 2-step verification page appears.]

Narrator: To confirm your identity, select the verification method you prefer:

1: Notification

2: Text message

If you want to use another verification method, click Alternative methods.

This step is to make sure that only you can access your account.

Click Continue.

[A couple appears. The man is doing the dishes and the woman is typing on her computer keyboard. She grabs her phone.]

Narrator: We'll send you a one-time security code according to the method you selected.

Enter the security code and click Continue.

[The password confirmation page appears.]

Narrator: Enter a password.

Choose a strong password that meets the security requirements. You can make sure you typed it correctly by clicking the eye icon on the far right of the box.

Pick something that you'll remember and don't share it with anyone.

You can change your password as long as you're on this page. When you're happy with what you have, click Confirm.

Your password has been set.

Click Continue.

[The Configure your security settings page appears.]

Narrator: For the last step, you need to choose your security questions. This is another layer of security that will help us identify you and make sure only you access your account.

Enter your password newly created.

Choose 3 questions that you can easily remember the answers to. Type the answers in the answer boxes.

Click Confirm.

[A member's personal home page appears.]

[Green circles appear around the Accounts, Transfers and Bill payments buttons.]

Narrator: That's it! You're registered for AccèsD.

You can securely access your accounts and do your banking online.

[On-screen text: Contact your caisse or call 1-800-CAISSES]

[On-screen text: Supporting you is our priority.]

[On-screen logo: Desjardins Logo]

[Background music: Desjardins jingle]