How green are your home renovation projects?

This tool was developed by the International Chair in Life Cycle Assessment of École Polytechnique de Montreal. It was designed to help you better understand the environmental impact of your renovation choices and integrate life cycle thinking.

First, add your choices to the Renovations and Water and appliances sections. The tool will then help you assess the impact of your choices, based on a model according to 4 environmental criteria: climate change, human health, resources, and water. At any time, you can choose to learn more about ecological renovation and return to the tool to modify your choices as needed. Find out more about the model home.

My renovations

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Desired outcome
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Windows :
Heating :
Air conditioning :
Exterior :
Water and appliances
Current situation
Desired outcome
Toilet :
Faucet :
Shower :
Grey water recycling :
Refrigerator  :
Freezer :
Dishwasher :
Washer :