Secured communication with your advisor

All our members and clients are now covered by Desjardins Identity Protection.

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As a Desjardins member or client, you may sometimes need to send confidential documents by email. Follow these steps to protect and share your information efficiently with your advisor.

Understand just how sensitive your information is
Your confidential information should be contained in a password-protected document.

Choose a data encryption tool
Free software allows you to encrypt and password protect several files in one folder.

Make sure your documents are protected with a password
Your password must contain between 10 and 128 alphanumeric characters and include at least 1 uppercase, 1 lowercase, 1 number and 1 special character (for example, $?&@=). It should also be different from your 6 previous passwords and hard to guess.

Give the password to your advisor over the phone
Avoid sharing your password by email to help prevent potential fraud.

Cover your bases
Protect yourself against the unauthorized use of your information by adding a confidentiality mention in your signature.

Sign up for our voice authentication service
This service, which is available when you call specific advisors, uses biometric voice recognition to prevent others from connecting to your accounts and stealing your identity.

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