Sample account statement

Your monthly statement provides complete information about your account every month. It is divided into sections that apply to your account: transactions, savings and investment, line of credit, loans and service charges.

You can save all of this information on your computer.

Statement of account

1. Transactions

A) Date and transaction code for easy reading.
See transaction code definitions

B) Type of transaction (payment, withdrawal, deposit, transfer, cheque, Interac purchase) and where it was made (AccèsD Internet, ATM, counter).

C) Fees for each transaction.

2. Savings and investment

Information organized by type (e.g. retirement products, market-linked guaranteed investments, etc.)

3. Line of credit

Lists the current interest rate, your authorized amount and how much is still available.

4. Loan

Details about your loan payments, interest and capital, including interest rate and maturity date.

5. Service charges

Service charges summary and exemptions, depending on your account and plan.