Managing your accounts and everyday transactions

Managing everyday transactions

Opening an account at a Desjardins caisse is above all about equipping yourself with simple and effective solutions to manage your everyday transactions.

Desjardins Youth Profit Account

A savings account with interest for your everyday transactions.

Student STRATEGIC Account - Take advantage of a no-fee account

A chequing account that meets the significant financial needs of full-time university students.

Overdraft transfer - Avoid unpleasant surprises

Cover your account in case of insufficient funds by using your Desjardins credit card.

Plans specifically designed for students - Reduce your user fees

Some plans available to students at no charge.

Other available plans - Choose the one that suits you

Choose from a range of 7 plans to meet your needs and your budget.

Online account statements - For Desjardins, Visa Desjardins and Desjardins Funds accounts

Check your financial transaction statements wherever you are with AccèsD Internet or Desjardins mobile services.

AccèsD bill payments - Make your payments by phone, Internet or mobile

Switch to an automated mode with your Desjardins Access Card.

ATMs - Making your payments easily

Use your bill file to make payments—no need for stamps!

Direct withdrawal - Preauthorize payment of your bills

Ensures your bills are paid on time, so no late fees and penalties.