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360d: A new space for 18- to 30-year-olds - An inspiring space located near educational establishments, where you can carry out your projects

Our client relations associates provide the guidance you need to carry out your projects, whether they include financing your studies or next trip, your new apartment life, a business project or simply managing your daily finances. Come meet with them.

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Desjardins Group Student Advisory Centre - Student loan management information

If you've received a Quebec Government Guaranteed Student Loan, you can contact the Desjardins Group Student Advisory Centre for information. Advisors are on hand to answer your questions about the disbursement and management of your student loan.

Our business development representatives for students - Specially trained to respond to your specific needs

As a full-time vocational, college or university student, you have particular needs. To help you stay focused on your studies, you can call on business development representatives for students in your area.

The role of the business development representative for students

  • Educate people about finances, cooperation and the environment.
  • Keep people informed about Desjardins products and services
  • Act as a liaison between clients and the caisses

Don't hesitate to meet with them at conferences or special events organized on your campus!

Our caisse advisors - All ears and good advice

Do you have a need or a pet project? In every Desjardins caisse, there are professionals who will listen to your needs. You will have access to personalized guidance like nowhere else, be it to:

  • discuss your plans, check their feasibility and accumulate funds to carry them out
  • help you acquire the financial tools you need for a new stage in your life: going to school, opening your own office, starting your own business, buying your first car or house, having a child, etc.
  • reach your short- or long-term financial objectives, whatever they may be!