Secure your retirement dream

A comprehensive approach to retirement planning

  • Optimize your financial strategies to make sure you reach your retirement savings goals
  • Protect your RRSPs and your ability to save in the event of a critical illness
  • Make sure you can get the healthcare you want in the event of a serious health problem
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An integrated savings and insurance solution

In a perfect world, a solid savings strategy would be all you need for a comfortable retirement. But even the savviest saver can’t predict if or when illness will strike, jeopardizing their retirement plans.

But we have good news! You can protect yourself by including an insurance component in your savings plan. Our Secure Your Retirement Dream integrated solution can help you protect your retirement with an RRSP strategy.

The strength of the solution is the partnership between your Desjardins Wealth Management advisor and a financial security advisor from Desjardins Insurance.1 Together, they’ll put together a plan that fits your personal situation and financial goals.

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