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What is Desjardins Wealth Management

Desjardins Wealth Management: Giving you financial freedom

Do you want to be free to make your own choices? You can with Desjardins Wealth Management. "Our experts guide you through your key life events," says Angela Iermieri, a financial planner at Desjardins Group.

Who is Desjardins Wealth Management for?

It's for anyone who wants to build a solid financial future and wants to get started now. These people are at a stage in their lives where they've acquired some wealth, which they want to grow, protect and eventually transfer.

What approach does Desjardins Wealth Management use?

We use a comprehensive approach. Our planners and financial advisors are backed by an extensive network of experts. We're the largest advisory force in Quebec with some 1,400 financial planners. We work with clients to develop an overall financial plan that includes investments, retirement and taxation, succession and estate protection and business transfers, as applicable. The financial plan is the key to this comprehensive and customized process.

Why is it so important to set up a written financial plan?

A written financial plan gives you an accurate picture of your assets, debts, income and expenditures, and helps you prioritize the objectives of each one - which varies at different life stages. According to a SOM survey conducted last year, Quebecers who plan their finances are the most successful. In fact, 93% of respondents who had a written financial plan felt better prepared to reach their financial goals. That being said, only 16% of Quebecers have a written financial plan.

Why do so many people not have a financial plan?

The answers vary: "I don't have enough money; I'm too young; I don't need one; I know where I'm heading; and I don't need an expert." Studies show that those who consult financial planning experts save twice as much as those who don't. Advisory services will always be important, whether to develop strategies for your investment choices or to enrich your knowledge. When an advisor reminds us that we can get into the habit of saving, we're more likely to save.

Retirement is one of the financial objectives for 94% of Quebecers - but are they ready?

Most Quebecers don't know how much they'll need for retirement! We hear more and more people say that they'll never retire and that they'll always be working to make money. But that's a myth: although many people continue working (part-time or full-time) after they retire, we must keep in mind that the life expectancy is now 85 to 90 years. Sooner or later, our bodies will get weaker. When we're healthy, we assume that we'll always be able to work. Reality sets in: We have to start saving because there's a pension crisis at both the state and employer levels. We must start taking control of our retirement to ensure that we're free to make our own choices. Desjardins Wealth Management is there to help you.