Global Balanced Guar@nteed Investment

Available exclusively on Personal AccèsD

  • Capital 100% guaranteed at maturity
  • Variable return linked to growth of 20 major companies from all over the world
  • Industry and geographic diversification
  • Minimum investment: $500

Only available on AccèsD, this investment is right for investors who want to purchase online a safe investment and enjoy potentially returns linked to global market growth, and get a guaranteed minimum return. It’s made up of 20 major well-established companies from a range of economic sectors and different parts of the world 1.

For more details about the investment's features, see the fact sheet:

The reference basket comprises 20 worldwide companies representing a variety of economic sectors. Each company has the same weight in the basket.

Geographic Allocation - United-States 35.00%, Canada 30.00%, France 10.00%, Australia 5.00%, Germany 5.00%, Japan 5.00%, Switzerland 5.00%, United Kingdom 5.00%.

Note: The caisse makes no claim about future movements in the price of the stocks.

Global Balanced Guar@nteed Investment
Term Fact Sheet Investment Agreement
5 years Fact Sheet - Global Balanced (PDF, 138 KB) Investment Agreement - Global Balanced (PDF, 66 KB)
  1. Variable return may be nil at maturity. However, your capital and annual guaranteed return are guaranteed at maturity.

Information on MLGI rates of return is provided for your information only. This information will vary and may be subject to change at any time without notice. Desjardins cannot guarantee the accuracy of this information. Before investing, you should read the investment agreement, which can be found at In the event of a discrepancy between this site and the investment agreement, the investment agreement will prevail.