Green renovations: things to consider

Green renovations are the perfect way to upgrade and build a healthier, environmentally-friendly and cost-effective home that fits your lifestyle. Green renovating is good for the planet, your health and your wallet.

The basics of green renovating are within everyone's reach:

  • Implement efficient systems to improve home energy performance and reduce water consumption.
  • Reduce natural resource consumption and use reclaimed and recycled content materials.
  • Use environmentally-friendly products to reduce toxic fumes in the home and atmosphere.
  • Use local materials to reduce the transportation of merchandise and stimulate the local economy.

Ecohome provides workshops to help you learn the fundamentals of green renovations: Green home renovations and healthy interior finishing (workshop in French only). For more workshops, see Ecohome's Workshops page.

The Desjardins Green Homes Program has selected the following program:

Rénoclimat (Quebec only)

The Rénoclimat program helps improve home energy efficiency and save an average 20% in heating costs. With Rénoclimat financial assistance and the resulting energy savings, renovations can pay for themselves in a few years.

Plan your renovations

Make sure you properly evaluate your renovation costs. Use the My budget management tool on AccèsD (Internet or mobile) to set a savings goal and get a clear picture of your finances.

To learn more about preparing for renovations, see Renovating your home.

Green Homes Program partners

This quality program is supported by recognized partners who, like Desjardins, care about protecting the environment and working together to reduce our environmental footprint.

Learn more about our partners.