How green homes can save you money

Energy savings

Green homes use less energy because they're well insulated, watertight and airtight, and equipped with high efficiency appliances and heating systems. For example, a Novoclimat qualified home can save around 20% on energy costs compared to a home built in compliance with the Quebec Construction Code.

Use the Green Homes Program savings calculator to find out how much you can save.

Green Homes Program

Green building and renovating is good for the planet, your health and your wallet.

Our lowest mortgage rates

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You also get:

  • up to $2,000 cashback to build a green home and $500 for green renovation projects
  • cashback on your home insurance
  • your monthly plan free for 1 year
  • free Home Assistance when you take out Loan Insurance

And make donations to Ecohome when you use your Visa Desjardins card to pay for your purchases.

Use the Green Homes Program savings calculator to find out what your rebate could be.

Government programs

Novoclimat program

Through the Novoclimat program, first homeowners of new, Novoclimat-certified homes receive $1,000 in assistance from the Québec government.

Learn more about the Novoclimat program.

Rénoclimat program

The Rénoclimat program provides financial assistance for residential renovations that improve a home's energy efficiency.

Learn more about the Rénoclimat program.

Learn more about the Tax Credit for Eco-Friendly Home Renovations (EcoRenov).

Mortgage savings

Canadian Mortgage and Housing Corporation (CMHC)

The CMHC Green Home program offers a 15% to 25% premium refund, and a premium refund for a longer amortization period (if applicable).

Learn more about the Green Home program.


The SagenTM Energy-Efficient Housing Program gives green home buyers and renovators a refund of up to 25% on their Sagen mortgage insurance premium.

Learn more about the Energy-Efficient Housing Program.

Did you know?
You can grow the savings generated by your green home by opening a Savings Account, available on AccèsD.

Learn more about the Savings Accountt.