Loan Portfolio Management Program

To better manage your loans and reduce your interest charges

With the Loan Portfolio Management Program, make the most of the value of your house by combining your mortgage with your other loans. When you do this, you:

  • ensure better control over all your loans
  • save hundreds of dollars in interest every year
  • can repay your loans more quickly, carry out certain projects and build up savings

Why choose this program?

You bought your house a few years ago and it has gained in value? What would you say if you could use that value to carry out various projects? Or to guarantee your loans and thereby save on interest charges?

Use the Loan Portfolio Management Program to:

  • carry out renovations
  • finance your children's studies by investing in a RESP
  • start a small business
  • restructure your current financing portfolio
  • contribute to you or your spouse's RRSP
  • contribute to a TFSA
  • buy a car
  • and more

This program is based on the use of a mortgage-secured line of credit, the Versatile Line of Credit, which allows you to get a loan worth up to 80% of the value of your property.

Flexible and simple to use, the Versatile Line of Credit allows you to manage all your credit needs and to access your credit at all times, without having to request credit at the caisse every time. You benefit from an attractive interest rate to finance not only your home, but also all the other projects that are important to you.

As you repay the loan, the available portion of your Versatile Line of Credit increases automatically. You therefore have access to additional credit as you need it. You can carry out your short-term projects without sacrificing your long-term objectives.

Learn more about the Versatile Line of Credit.

You submit a single credit request to your caisse, which establishes your total credit limit. Once the documents have been signed at the notary (Quebec) or attorney (Ontario), your advisor will prepare a financial plan with you that will meet your short, medium and long-term needs.

You can withdraw from your Versatile Line of Credit at any time1. The cash advances from this line of credit can be changed at any time into distinct term or mortgage loans linked to the Versatile Line of Credit. By using this financing solution, you can also benefit from specific repayment terms for each financing product (amount, duration, frequency).

It is therefore an excellent way to save money, since you can group your debts under the Versatile Line of Credit and benefit from a more attractive interest rate, since your loans are secured by your property.

1. Possible when the loan/value ratio is greater than 80%. The Versatile Line of Credit is offered on loans with loan/value ratios between 80% and 95% under certain conditions.

The Loan Portfolio Management Program:

  • gives you access to flexible financing tools
  • makes access to available credit simpler (cheque, Internet, ATMs or at the caisse)
  • allows you to save on interest by restructuring your financing portfolio
  • allows you to use the interest saved to carry out projects, repay your debts more quickly or to build your savings

The Versatile Line of Credit:

  • offers you competitive interest rates (less than for a personal line of credit or a credit card)
  • meets your current and future needs for loans
  • may be used to carry out a multitude of projects:
    • renovations
    • purchasing a secondary residence
    • landscaping your property
    • starting a business
    • going back to school
    • turning your basement into an income apartment
    • etc.
  • allows you to contribute to your RRSP and save income tax (then use your refund to pay back the loan)
  • helps you save by giving you the ideal way to consolidate your debts
  • allows you to manage your credit according to your needs and objectives

Learn more about the Versatile Line of Credit.

You bought your house a few years ago and now you want to carry out some short term projects

  • renovate your kitchen ($25,000)
  • landscape your property ($15,000)
  • buy a new car ($25,000)
Current market value of your house $300,000
Your loan portfolio
Balance of your mortgage (fixed-rate 5-year term): $100,000
Balance of your car loan: $6,000
Total: $106,000

Here is how the Loan Portfolio Management Program can help you:

The credit limit applicable to the Loan Portfolio Management Program is $240,000, or 80% of the market value of your house.

You can borrow on the value of your house like this:

Available credit limit $240,000
Credit already used (balance of mortgage) $100,000
Loan (kitchen renovation and landscaping) $40,000
New car loan $25,000
Credit available for other projects $75,000

By concentrating your credit in the Loan Portfolio Management Program, you benefit from the flexibility necessary to renovate the kitchen and finish the landscaping, while keeping some credit aside for other projects.

Since your credit is secured by your house, you can also benefit from a lower interest rate on your car loan.

Versatile Line of Credit and mortgage diversification

Thanks to your Versatile Line of Credit, you can get a loan with all the characteristics of your current mortgage (balance, interest rate, repayment terms, maturity date, etc.) You can retain the repayment terms of your mortgage until the end of your 5-year term, for example.

Then, if you want, you can diversify your mortgage loan by choosing one portion at a fixed rate and another at a variable rate. The variable rate portion allows you to make substantial savings, while the fixed rate portion protects you in case of hikes in interest rates.

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