Travel notifications

Travel notifications

You no longer need to let us know when you’ll be travelling and whether you plan to use your credit card. In fact, the feature was removed from AccèsD.

Our systems are more effective than ever and detect suspicious transactions to protect you, no matter where you are.

Is your information up to date?

Check that your information on AccèsD is up to date. If we detect any suspicious activity in your credit card account, we'll be able to contact you immediately.

Update your information on AccèsD

Your security is our priority

Credit card alerts

Confirm in real-time that you just used your credit card. The fraud prevention service is fast and secure, sending you text messages or push notifications to confirm your identity or certain transactions.

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Zero Liability

You're not responsible for unauthorized transactions charged to your account and you won't have to pay for them if you're a victim of fraud. Zero Liability protection covers Desjardins credit, debit and prepaid cards.

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