Disputing a credit card charge

Disputing a credit card charge

Disputing a charge (also referred to as a chargeback) is a process that allows you to request a refund on an unauthorized transaction made with your credit card or on one where the terms and conditions established with the merchant were not fulfilled. We’re here to guide your through all the steps and handle things on your behalf with merchants, the Visa* and Mastercard® networks, and others.

Chargeback: How to dispute a charge

We'll take care of opening your file and initiating the dispute for you. Before contacting us, we ask that you verify things on your end as soon as you see a charge that doesn’t fulfil its terms and conditions. However, contact us right away if you see a suspicious, potentially fraudulent charge.

Examples of potentially disputable charges

  • Being charged for an item you didn’t purchase or receive
  • When a good or service doesn't fit the initial description
  • Being charged twice for one purchase
  • Not being credited for an item you've returned

1 What to do before contacting us

If you have concerns about one of your transactions, here's what you should do. If you're still unable to resolve the issue with the merchant, go to step 2.

Check the terms and conditions

Read through and comply with the associated terms and conditions of the charge, if applicable.

Contact the merchant

Try to make a good-faith effort to resolve the issue with the merchant.

Wait 15 days

Allow the merchant enough time to respond or to contact you if you can’t reach them.

2 How to initiate a dispute

Contact us and we’ll review your file to determine whether your charge can be disputed. If so, we’ll explain what to do next.

Examples of what to have on hand before your call

Transaction details (date, merchant details, terms and conditions, etc.)

Your credit card statement that lists the charge

Supporting documents (receipts, delivery slips, etc.)

Paper trail that shows you’ve tried to resolve the issue with the merchant (emails, call dates and times, etc.)

3 Follow-up

We'll contact you if the dispute is unsuccessful or if we need more information to complete your file.

If you suspect a charge is fraudulent

Make a habit of checking your transactions, both in AccèsD and on your monthly statements. Contact us immediately if you see a suspicious-looking transaction.

Learn more about refunds in the event of fraud

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Did you know?

Before disputing a charge, make sure it isn’t one of the following cases, as these can sometimes be misunderstood.

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