Desjardins BONUSDOLLARS Rewards Program - Show tickets

BONUSDOLLARS Rewards Program


You earn BONUSDOLLARS rewards every time you charge purchases to your credit card.


How to redeem your BONUSDOLLARS

BONUSDOLLARS are so easy to redeem. See the rewards category you're interested in to find out how to proceed.

Show tickets

Have fun

Master the art of having fun.
Go see an artist you love perform or broaden your general culture by visiting tourist attractions, exhibits or museums14.

How to have fun using your BONUSDOLLARS

Charge your show tickets to your credit card.


BONUSDOLLARS must be redeemed within 60 days of your purchase.


  1. Log in to AccèsD.
  2. Select the card linked to the BONUSDOLLARS you want to redeem.
  3. In the menu on the right, click BONUSDOLLARS.
  4. Click Redeem BONUSDOLLARS.
  5. Select the Eligible transactions category.

Log in to AccèsD to redeem BONUSDOLLARS - This link will open in a new window.

On the mobile app

  1. Log in on the mobile services app.
  2. Select a card from My accounts or Favourites.
  3. Tap Information.
  5. Tap Redeem BONUSDOLLARS.
  6. Tap Eligible transactions.

Download on the App Store - This link will open in a new window. Get it on Google play  - This link will open in a new window.

By phone

Call us to redeem your BONUSDOLLARS.

1-800-363-4345 - Click here to dial this number.


Here are some tips to earn even more BONUSDOLLARS.

  1. 1 Charge all your recurring expenses to your credit card.
  2. 2 Authorize your service providers to charge a preauthorized amount to your credit card.
  3. 3 Add your spouse as a joint cardholder, thereby consolidating your family expenses on the same card.

How many BONUSDOLLARS do you earn on your purchases?

The percentage earned varies depending on which card you use.

For more information on the Desjardins BONUSDOLLARS Rewards Program, see the rules (PDF, 100 KB) - This link will open in a new window..

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  1. You must use a minimum of 20 BONUSDOLLARS.
  2. Excluding the following entertainment categories: amusement parks, circuses, carnivals, water parks, zoos and movie theatres.