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Auto loans and other loans

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Desjardins Auto and Leisure Vehicle Loan - Through dealers

You've chosen the car you want and now you need financing? The Desjardins Auto and Leisure Vehicle Loan is available through more than 3,000 dealers in Canada.

Exclusive Member Advantages

Why get a Desjardins Auto Loan through a dealer?

Desjardins Auto Loans are flexible and accessible financing that will help you get the things you want and still respect your budget.


Learn more about the Green option.

Eligible vehicle

Cars, vans, sports utility vehicles and minivans.

Commercial use vehicles cannot be financed by individuals.

Interest rate

Fixed or variable interest rate.

Varies according to loan amount, vehicle type and term.

Amount available
  • Minimum $5,000
  • Option of financing up to 100% of the cost of your purchase
6 to 96 months (depending on loan amount and type of vehicle)
  • Payment frequency options: weekly, every 2 weeks or monthly
  • Payments are withdrawn automatically from your account
  • No prepayment penalties: pay off your loan whenever you want, in part or in full, without being charged extra fees
  • Green option: If you opt for a new hybrid or electric vehicle, you benefit from 2 additional advantages:
    • Fixed rate reduced to as low as 3.9%2.
    • An additional discount on your auto insurance3 : 15% off for a hybrid car and 20% off for an electric car
  • With a Desjardins Auto and Leisure Vehicle Loan, being socially responsible really pays off!

Exclusive Member Advantages

When you get pre-authorized, you can shop for a vehicle knowing you will get a loan. Your pre-authorization certificate, available online on AccèsD, will make buying your new vehicle from a dealer much easier.


  • You can shop for a vehicle within your means.
  • You can focus your attention on getting the best deal, knowing you're sure to get a loan.
  • You avoid having to fill out a credit application at your dealer and disclosing personal information.
  • Speeds up the approval process and reduces your wait time at the dealer.


  • Pre-authorization is available to Desjardins caisse members only.
  • Applications are processed within 24 business hours. You may, however, get a response a few minutes after submitting your application.
  • Pre-authorization certificate4, on AccèsD is valid for 30 days from the date of issue. Expiry date is indicated on the certificate.
  • Certificate can be used at any dealer who offers Desjardins Auto Loans.
  • Certificate is a printable PDF you take with you to the dealer. You can reprint it as needed.
  • Loan interest rate will be provided by your dealer.

You may not apply for pre-authorization with a co-borrower or guarantor. Such loans may only be obtained directly from the dealer.

Apply for pre-authorization  - This link will open in a new window.

Profile Suggestion
You are cautious and sensitive to rate fluctuations Choose a fixed interest rate:
  • Guaranteed for the duration of the term
  • Predictable
  • Easy to manage
You are daring and moderately sensitive to rate fluctuations Choose a variable interest rate:
  • Follows market fluctuations
  • Advantageous when rates are stable or falling
  • Generally lower interest rate than the current fixed rate
  • When rates drop, your payment amount remains the same but the duration of the loan may decrease
  • Convertible to a fixed-rate loan at any time without fee or penalty. The interest rate will be the current fixed rate at the time of conversion

Exclusive Advantage For Members

0.30% rate discount

Desjardins Auto and Leisure Vehicle Loan through dealers

Finance your vehicle with a Desjardins Auto or Leisure Vehicle Loan at an authorized dealer and get a 0.30% interest rate discount5 on your loan upon presentation of your Desjardins Access Card. This exclusive discount is effective for the entire term of the loan. Calculate how much interest you could save on your loan - External link. This link will open in a new window.

See all member advantages for individuals - Financial products and services.

  1. Available only in Quebec. This discount applies to the payment of the insurance premium of the vehicle financed by Desjardins, only for the first year of the policy. This promotion is available upon purchase of the vehicle and during the subsequent period for a maximum of 1 year
  2. Some conditions apply. In Ontario, the annual percentage rate (APR) is equal to the posted interest rate, assuming that there are no additional charges applicable to the loan. Should there be such charges, the APR might be different
  3. Available only in Quebec. The discounts for electric and hybrid vehicles are part of the Green Savings offered by Desjardins General Insurance Inc.
  4. The terms of the loan requested at the dealer must be the same as those of the loan granted in the pre-authorization certificate.
  5. Applies to the regular interest rate of a Desjardins loan at participating dealers.

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