Made-to-measure travel insurance

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Made-to-measure travel insurance

Solutions made for you

  • Made-to-measure coverage for short or long trips
  • One policy for the whole year that saves you money if you travel more than once
  • A great choice for snowbirds

Why choose Desjardins?

  • Member advantage 3 days of free travel insurance for short or long trips
  • Assistance services Wherever you are, we're there for you 24/7
  • Exclusive offer Just 1 medical questionnaire every 4 years if you're between 61 and 80

Do I need travel insurance?

Short and long trips

Your government health card only covers you in your home province. In the event of a problem, you may have to pay for your healthcare—even if you’re travelling in Canada.

Before taking out insurance, check to see if your credit card or group insurance already includes travel insurance coverage. If necessary, top up your coverage with our Baggage and Trip Cancellation options.

With Desjardins, you get so much more than just travel insurance. We’re available by phone 24/7 to direct you to a hospital or clinic, connect you with an interpreter, and support you in a number of other ways before and during your trip so you can travel with peace of mind.

Going away for more than 31 days?

Fine-tune your coverage and avoid spending more than you need to with our Emergency Healthcare and Emergency Return Trip options. Call us for guidance if you need a hand choosing what you need.

Health issues?

Has someone talked to you about pre-existing conditions and medical stability and you're wondering whether you're covered by your travel insurance?

Learn more

Multi-trip annual insurance

  • One policy for an entire year
  • Savings when you travel out of province more than once a year
  • Unlimited trips up to the trip duration you choose
  • No medical questionnaires if you’re under 61
  • More time for yourself—no need to call us before every trip

Are you between 61 and 80?

Experience the Quattra Advantage with multi-trip annual insurance and take a 4-year vacation from health questionnaires!

Any changes to your health during this period will have no effect on your premium or eligibility.

What's so great about it?

  • It’s made-to-measure: choose from Emergency Healthcare, Emergency Return Trip, Accident, Baggage and Trip Cancellation coverage
  • It’s already included with some credit cards
  • It’s quick and easy: up the number of days of travel insurance included with your credit card in a snap


Available for trips between 1 and 365 days.

Stable for 3 Months option

If you have an injury or medical condition, reduce the time your health must remain stable from 6 to 3 months to stay covered while you travel.

Multi-coverage discount

The more travel insurance coverage options you combine, the more you save!

Family premium

One policy for the whole family, where only the 2 oldest family members pay premiums. Kids travelling get Emergency Healthcare, Baggage and Accident coverage free of charge.


To be eligible for travel insurance, you must:

  • be a Canadian resident and at least 15 days old
  • start and end your trip in your home province (in Canada)
  • be covered by your provincial health insurance plan for the duration of your trip
  • purchase an insurance policy that covers the full duration of your trip before you leave

Emergency Healthcare

  • Recommended
  • Reimburses up to $5,000,000 per person for emergency care received as a result of an unexpected illness or accident
  • Covers transportation or repatriation expenses incurred for medical reasons or in the event of death


  • Reimburses expenses incurred as a result of stolen, damaged, or delayed baggage
  • Reimburses expenses incurred to replace passports, visas, driver’s licences or birth certificates

Trip cancellation

  • Reimburses expenses incurred as a result of a trip that’s cancelled for a reason recognized in your insurance policy
  • Covers the unused portion of your trip and some related expenses if you need to come home sooner

Emergency Return Trip

  • Available as an add-on to Emergency Healthcare coverage
  • Recommended for trips over 30 days
  • Covers flight costs from your destination to your home province and back again under some circumstances


  • Pays a benefit for accidental death or loss of use of a limb or body function

To submit a claim under a Visitors to Canada Insurance policy, contact Desjardins Financial Security at:

Canada and the U.S.:1-855-440-9884(toll-free)

Outside Canada and the U.S.: 418-647-5476 (service charges apply)

You'll need to fill out a claim form and send it to us within 90 days of the date of the accident or onset of illness.

Any supporting documents must be sent to us within 90 days of when you submitted your claim.

Exclusion for unstable injuries or medical conditions

Emergency Healthcare coverage and Trip Cancellation coverage do not cover unstable injuries and medical conditions or any related injuries and medical conditions if, during the reference period

  • you developed new symptoms or existing symptoms became more frequent or intense
  • you consulted a physician (other than for a routine check-up)
  • a physician recommended a test, you underwent a test or you were waiting for test results
  • you had surgery, you were hospitalized or a physician recommended that you have surgery
  • you started a new treatment, including a new drug, or a new treatment was prescribed
  • your treatment or medication was changed or a change was prescribed

Refence period

For Emergency Healthcare coverage, the reference period is

  • the 3 months before your departure date, if you’re 54 or under on that date
  • the 6 months before your departure date, if you're 55 or older on that date

For Trip Cancellation coverage, the reference period is the 3 months before you purchased the coverage.

For Trip Cancellation coverage, the reference period is the 3 months before you purchased the coverage.

You may not be entitled to a payment under certain high-risk circumstances. The exclusions and limitations section of each coverage type in the insurance documents.

For a full list of conditions, consult the insurance policy available at your caisse. You can also refer to the following documents:

On October 1, 2020, coverage exclusions will be changing for a trip to a country that the Canadian government has advised against visiting

If the Canadian government issues an advisory against non-essential travel to your destination before your trip begins, the exclusions related to a trip to a country that the government has advised against visiting will not apply.

If, however, the Canadian government issues an advisory against all travel to your destination before your trip begins, the exclusions related to a trip to a country that the government has advised against visiting will apply.

Legal notice

The information on this site summarizes the terms and conditions of the insurance product and has no contractual value. It's intended to be clear and simple, so you can easily understand the product.

Only the insurance documents will be used to settle legal disputes. They contain all the conditions of this coverage. Some exclusions and limitations apply.

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