Buying online, etc.

Sometimes it's better to buy Travel Insurance by phone...

You should speak to one of our advisors if:

  • You're over age 80
  • You've experienced any health problems over the past few months
  • You want to purchase coverage for someone other than yourself - when you purchase your coverage online, the policyholder must be one of the insured travellers
  • You want your payment to be drawn from your bank account - when you purchase your coverage online, the only payment method available is by credit card (Visa, Mastercard or American Express)
  • You have group insurance and want to top up your travel insurance coverage
  • You're just interested in Baggage Insurance
  • You need specific coverages based on your situation

Buying online is easy!

  • Allow about 10 minutes to complete the application
  • Fill out the medical questionnaire if you're age 61 or over
  • Check the information you've entered and make any corrections, before paying by credit card
  • Remember to print a copy of your completed application because your data won't be saved

Once you've submitted your application, we'll process it immediately.

Information to have handy when applying for Travel Insurance:

  • First and last names and dates of birth of all travellers
  • Trip start and end dates
  • If any of the travellers has suffered from any illnesses or injuries in the last 3 months, we need to know whether they've:
    • Seen a doctor
    • Taken any medication
    • Been hospitalized
    • Received treatment

Information security

No need to worry! Our transactional site is secure, and we'll only use the personal information you provide us to process your application.