Desjardins TelePrevention

A program exclusively for our home insurance clients

With the Desjardins TelePrevention® program, your home alarm system is connected to a Chubb Edwards central monitoring station day and night.

If the alarm is triggered, public safety services (police or firefighters) are alerted immediately. Just another advantage of made-to-measure protection from Desjardins Insurance!

Take advantage of our great savings!

Save up to 10% on your home insurance premium with Desjardins TelePrevention.

Plus, take advantage of our introductory discount!

Your needs Your savings
You don't have an alarm system Save $150 on the purchase of a Chubb Edwards alarm system, available at a specially reduced price1.
You already have an alarm system Save $150 on the cost of connecting your alarm system to the monitoring centre1.

Benefit from one of the best security programs on the market

  • Special rate of $12.952 per month (plus taxes) for central monitoring
  • Your subscription can be cancelled at any time, without penalty
  • No deductible to pay (up to $300) or or premium increase after a robbery, break-in, or fire that sets off the alarm

Chubb Edwards: A trusted partner

Our partner in the Desjardins TelePrevention program, Chubb Edwards, is known for its excellent customer service, its professionalism, and the reliability of its alarm systems.

Thousands of consumers and over 75% of Desjardins caisses trust Chubb Edwards to protect their property.

Subscribe to the Desjardins TelePrevention program and save

The Desjardins Insurance agent will forward your contact information to a Chubb Edwards representative, who will contact you to make an appointment.

Available only in Quebec.

Desjardins Insurance refers to Desjardins General Insurance Inc.

The Desjardins TelePrevention program is not available in certain areas. Some conditions apply.

® Desjardins TelePrevention is a registered trademark of Desjardins General Insurance Inc.

1. This $150 offer may be cancelled without notice. The reduction applies to the amount after taxes.

2. Rate subject to change.