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Home insurance for homeowners


Desjardins Insurance thinks of everything by offering you advantages and competitive prices for your home insurance

Available only in Quebec.


We think of everything by offering great savings on your home insurance premium.

See how you can save

How to save Savings and benefits
Equip your home with a centrally monitored alarm system
  • Save up to 15% on your property insurance
Install a Chubb Edwards centrally monitored alarm system
Install a water damage prevention system with an automatic water shut-off valve
  • Save up to 10% on your property insurance
  • Get $120 off when you purchase a leak protection system from HydroSolution
Own a LEED-certified building
  • Save up to 10% on your property insurance
Be claims-free
  • Save up to 15% on your property insurance
Insure your car and home with Desjardins Insurance
  • Save up to 15% on your property insurance premium with the Desjardins Double Contract Advantage
  • Pay only one deductible (the higher one) in the event of a loss affecting both your car and your home
  • Get Desjardins Legal Assistance free
  • Get the Trouble-Free Option® free

More advantages

Available only in Quebec.

® Desjardins TelePrevention is a registered trademark of Desjardins General Insurance Inc.

® The Trouble-Free Option is a registered trademark of Desjardins General Insurance Group Inc.


Basic coverage

Learn about the basic coverage we offer for your house.

Get coverage for damage accidentally caused to others

Liability coverage protects you against bodily injury or property damage you may involuntarily cause another person. It protects you if you're responsible for accidentally injuring someone else or damaging their property.

Most policyholders opt for $1 million in liability insurance coverage. You may, however, increase this amount to up to $5 million under certain conditions.

In context

Sophie was running a bath for little Emma when the phone rang.

When she returned to the bathroom, water had overflow from the bath and leaked into Mr. Brown's residence below, damaging the ceiling.

The damage was estimated at $8,700.

Fortunately, Sophie's home insurance policy included liability coverage.

All-risk insurance covers most accidents that could damage your property, including:

fire, theft, vandalism, damage caused by wind, certain types of water damage, falling objects, and the impact of a vehicle hitting your house.

An all-risk policy also covers accidents people don't usually think of when buying insurance.

And although all insurance policies—including all-risk policies—contain exclusions for situations such as normal wear and tear, gradual deterioration, mechanical failure and flooding, some of these risks can be insured with additional coverage.

In context

While doing his laundry, Simon knocked over some bleach, spilling it on the floor and some clothes.

Not only were his clothes ruined, his wood floor was seriously damaged! Because it was an accident, his all-risk home insurance covered the damage.

Additional coverage

Add additional home insurance coverage for your specific needs. Desjardins Insurance also offers H2O+ Protection – a full range of water damage coverages to give you even more peace of mind.

You can add additional coverage to your policy to protect you against water damage caused by surface or ground water including:

  • Sewer back-ups
  • Seepage or influx of water from natural sources through basement walls, doors or other openings

In context

When Sophie got home, she noticed that heavy rainfall had caused the sewer to back up.

Not to worry! When she insured her home, Sophie purchased sewer back-up coverage, opting for $10,000, which corresponds to her needs.

Sophie called Desjardins Insurance immediately, and we took care of everything. The damage was estimated at $7,000, but all she had to do was to pay the deductible.

This coverage offers protection against sudden and accidental damage to insured property caused by:

  • Water that reaches the premises and that originates from the rising or overflow of a body of water or from a dam break
  • Impact by water-borne objects that reach the premises, including ice

This coverage protects you against damage caused by:

  • The entrance or seepage of rain or snow through walls, roofs or doors, windows and similar openings
  • The discharge, backing up, escape or overflow of water from an eavestrough or downspout
  • The weight of ice, snow or wet snow

This protection covers:

Tear out and replacement costs required to repair the broken or malfunctioning water service pipe to prevent damage to your property.

Frost or the weight of ice or snow are just some of the threats that can damage your pool or hot tub.

You can add extra coverage to your basic insurance to protect:

  • Your above ground pool, including equipment, accessories, and attached patios that are not connected to the house
  • Your inground pool or hot tub, including equipment, accessories, and attached patios that are not connected to the house

In context

John's pool didn't make it through the rigours of the past winter. Fortunately, his home insurance covered the damage, because John had wisely decided to tailor his policy to his needs, adding additional coverage for his pool.

Avoid costs related to soil contamination

This coverage provides protection against environmental risks associated with fuel oil.

In addition to covering your personal belongings in the event of a fuel oil leak or spill, this new option covers:

  • Soil decontamination up to $100,000
  • Civil liability up to $100,000, if you're a homeowner

Check to see if you're eligible

To be fair to our clients who heat with oil and to offer this coverage at the lowest possible rate, certain eligibility conditions apply.

For example, fuel oil tanks can't be insured if they show signs of corrosion, aren't properly installed, or are too old.

In context

When Hugo got home, he noticed that the supply line to his fuel oil tank had ruptured. Oil had spilled and seeped into the concrete floor, contaminating the soil.

After the cleanup, he was glad he’d added additional fuel oil coverage to his insurance policy, because fuel oil spills can be very expensive.

Protect your home against ground movements caused by earthquakes

This endorsement protects your property against damage in the event of an earthquake as well as damage caused by ground movements—including avalanches and landslides—that occur during earthquakes.

Note: Endorsement 22b, Fire, Explosion and Smoke Damage Resulting from an Earthquake is automatically added to the home insurance policy.

Boats, personal watercraft, canoes, kayaks and more

Being well protected means being well informed. Contact an insurance agent for more information or to get a quote.

Desjardins TelePrevention is an exclusive program for our home insurance policyholders

Equip your home with a centrally monitored Chubb Edwards alarm system and:

  • Save up to 15% on your property insurance premium
  • Save $1501 when you purchase a Chubb Edwards alarm system
  • You pay no deductible and your premium will not increase after a theft, break-in or fire that triggers your alarm system

Learn more

The Desjardins TelePrevention program is not available in certain areas of Quebec. Some conditions apply.

® Desjardins TelePrevention is a registered trademark of Desjardins General Insurance Inc.

1. This $150 offer may be cancelled without notice. The reduction applies to the amount after taxes.

A home insurance quote tailored to your needs !

Customize your home insurance with our online quote by:

  • Changing your liability amount
  • Changing your deductible
  • Adding water damage option
  • Adding earthquake coverage

Available only in Quebec.


The Desjardins Insurance Alert program comes with free peace of mind

Do you insure your home, condo or apartment with us? Sign up for the Alert program and receive a free water and freeze detector. It notifies you quickly, so you can act fast to prevent damage from water leaks or freezing pipes.

Learn more - Alert


Why choose Desjardins Insurance for your property insurance?

Simple solutions:

  • The Desjardins Insurance Home-Auto mobile app lets you manage your insurance easily and access all your services
  • The Alert program, available on the mobile app, means you can act fast to limit the damage of a water leak or frozen pipe and avoid the disruption of a loss
  • Our secure Online Services let you view and modify your insurance online, via AccèsD or with the mobile app

Competitive prices:

  • We’re one of the biggest car and home insurers in Quebec—our business volume means you get competitive rates on your home insurance
  • You can save even more with our discounts.

Great coverage:

More accessible services:

  • You can contact us at your caisse, by phone or online
  • Our Claims team takes care of you in the event of a loss
  • Expertise and advice—you're in good hands with our helpful customer service agents

Available only in Quebec.

The text on this page is provided for information purposes only. Full details regarding coverage and exclusions can be found in the insurance policy, which always prevails.
Certain conditions, exclusions and limitations may apply.
Desjardins Insurance refers to Desjardins General Insurance Inc.

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