Continuing to invest

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Guaranteed investment products

Worry-free: capital is 100% guaranteed

Variety of options and terms.

  • Capital 100% guaranteed
  • Set maturity date or term
  • Variety of interest payment options
  • Pre-established interest rates
  • Eligible for TFSAs, RRSPs and other retirement savings plans

Entitles you to potential member dividends from your caisse.

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With the double return potential 1 of Desjardins market-linked guaranteed investment, you can reach for your share of market growth without risk.

  • Capital is 100% guaranteed at maturity 1
  • Covered by deposit insurance(FAQ)
  • Wide range of products with guaranteed returns, known at purchase
  • Variable returns option linked to market growth 1
  • Protection against exchange rate fluctuations
  • Terms: 3 years, 5 years
  • Eligible for registered plans (TFSA, RRSP, FTA, LIRA, locked-in RRSP, RRIF, LIF and RDSP) and non-registered plans
  • Stable monthly income option 2
  • Redeemable or convertible 3
  • Entitles you to potential member dividends

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  1. Variable return may be nil at maturity. Some investments offer a guaranteed annual return.
  2. For portfolios with an income option, a portion of the capital is returned as monthly income. The balance is returned at maturity.
  3. Redeemable or convertible once a year, after the 3rd year, during prescribed periods and in compliance with terms stipulated in the purchase agreement. Redemption or conversion value may be less than the capital invested. Conversion value is greater than redemption value because members continue to hold a Desjardins market-linked guaranteed investment.

Protection against market downturns.

  • Be protected from market downturns while benefiting from the upturns
  • Receive guaranteed and predictable income during your lifetime
  • Have the flexibility to carry out your retirement plans
  • Protect, grow and diversify your portfolio

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