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Continuing to invest

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Funds and investment solutions

Access all markets and diversify your portfolio

A turnkey solution that makes it easier to manage your finances at retirement.

  • Eligible for registered and unregistered plans
  • Increased value of your investments and reduced volatility
  • Automatic rebalancing to ensure your portfolio reflects your investor profile and investment objectives at all times
  • Reduced or deferred taxes if your portfolio is held in a non-registered account

Learn more  about Melodia portfolios

Initial investment of $100,000.

  • Six portfolios for all investor profiles
  • Optimize net after-tax income
  • Full or partial redemption at any time
  • No transaction fees (purchase, redemption, transfer)

Learn more  about Chorus II portfolios

Four portfolios that combine ethical and financial advantages.

  • Turnkey solution for socially responsible investing
  • Minimum deposit of a $1,000 or periodic investments of $25 minimum per instalment for an annual total of $1,000
  • Access to your money at all times
  • No transaction fees (purchase, redemption, transfer)

Learn more about SocieTerra portfolios

6 groups of funds, including specialized funds.

  • Access to all markets (Canadian and foreign stocks, bonds, mortgage securities and money market securities)
  • Minimum deposit of $1,000 or minimal periodic investments
  • Potential long-term gain
  • Full or partial redemption within a few days
  • No transaction fees (purchase, redemption, transfer)

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