Renovating your home

Using your home equity

Want to borrow against the equity in your home to finance your renovations? The Versatile Line of Credit may be just what you need.

Using your home equity to finance your renovations is a cost-effective solution that you can use judiciously to increase your savings potential.

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Already have a Desjardins Versatile Line of Credit?

Desjardins has various financial strategies based your profile and financial goals.

The Versatile Line of Credit will surprise you with its flexibility and ability to meet your needs.


  • When you transfer your mortgage to Desjardins, you can choose a Versatile Line of Credit.
  • If your current Desjardins mortgage has the Multiproject Option clause and you want to benefit from it, you can refinance.
  • If your current mortgage hasn't yet come to term, there is a solution for you. Talk to an advisor!