Refinancing your mortgage

Re-borrow the mortgage capital you've repaid

and give yourself more leeway to:

  • make renovations
  • pay less interest
  • pay off debts and grow your savings

Why refinance?

Mortgage refinancing means paying off your existing mortgage and replacing it with a new one. It’s a cost-effective strategy that uses your home equity to help you pay for renovations or make investments.

Your best ally

Whatever your goal or situation, don’t hesitate to talk to your advisor, the best person to help you find the financing solution that suits you, your goals and your borrowing power.

Contact an advisor

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Financial leverage to give you the freedom to reach your goals

Using the net value of your property is a great financing solution to help you save on interest costs. Refinance your mortgage to combine your existing loans in a Versatile Line of Credit.

The Versatile Line of Credit, a sensible choice to:

  • finance your renovations
  • pay your loans off more quickly
  • save on interest charges
  • give yourself greater flexibility to build your savings

Learn more about the Versatile Line of Credit.

Refinancing your property without penalty

For mortgages signed after 2009, Desjardins allows borrowers to refinance up to 120% of the value of their property without involving a notary.

Refinancing for more than the original mortgage

You can refinance your mortgage for more than you’ve paid down to date or for more than the original mortgage amount. In the latter case, you may have to see a notary to register your new mortgage. Meet with your advisor to find the best solution for you.

Remember your payment capacity

Foresight is key. You advisor can help you explore financing solutions, advantages and costs, as well as your payment capacity so you can make an informed decision.

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