Managing your mortgage

Learn how to pay down your Desjardins mortgage faster or in full, or in situations where you have to pay a mortgage prepayment penalty.

Payment holiday

You never know, one day you might need a break from your mortgage payments to help free up funds for a big project or to finance something that wasn't in your budget.

Preparing for one

First take advantage of the options available to you to help you repay our mortgage faster, such as:

  • increasing the amount of your regular payments
  • opting for accelerated weekly or bi-weekly payments
  • making occasional advance payments

By opting for at least one of these choices, you not only repay your mortgage faster, but you can request a payment holiday of up to 4 months within a single term.

How it works

Over the term of your mortgage, you can request a payment holiday of the lowest of the following amounts:

  • 4 months of mortgage payments
  • the total additional payments you've made so far through one of the options mentioned above

Any Loan, Life and Disability Insurance on the mortgage remains in force during the payment holiday.


Standard lending practices require you have no bounced cheques or late payment of any kind on any caisse loan over the previous 12 months. Tax payments must also be up to date. Other conditions may also apply.

Impacts on the mortgage

Interest for the period is added to the mortgage's outstanding balance at the end of the payment holiday1.

Ask your caisse advisor for more information.

1. Lending practices require that the interest added not cause the mortgage to exceed the lesser of the loan-to-value ratio of the initial mortgage or 90%.