Future homeowner’s checklist

  1. Book a moving company, or a moving van if you’re doing the move yourself.
  2. Give a notice of departure to your current landlord before the deadline.
  3. Clean-up time! Sell everything you don’t need or donate it to charitable organizations.
  4. Start packing your boxes as soon as possible and make sure to list the contents on each one.
  5. Confirm the moving details with your mover.
  6. Go over a list of your valuables with your insurer.
  7. Photocopy your medical, dental and school certificates if you’re changing neighbourhoods.
  8. Notify Canada Post of your address change, as well as all your friends, family and service providers.
  9. Go over any final details with your moving company a few days prior to the big move.
  10. Return your keys to your landlord, check each room and take one last look.

Welcome to your new home!