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Becoming a homeowner

Your mortgage application

Have you found the property of your dreams? Desjardins will help you apply for a mortgage as quickly as possible.

It's time to contact your Desjardins advisor, who will assist you with every step of this important purchase.

  • In person

    Meet with:

    • a Desjardins advisor at a caisse


    • a mortgage representative from our mobile team wherever and whenever is convenient for you, 7 days a week
  • Online

    Take 5 to 10 minutes to fill out and send your request online.1 A Desjardins advisor will contact you promptly to schedule an appointment at your convenience

For your meeting with a Desjardins advisor, have all the required information and documents handy to speed up the application process.

Making a joint application? The co-borrower must be present when you fill out the form.

Proof of income

  • Notice of assessment from the government (or T4 slip from the previous year if you're an employee).
  • If you're an employee: your most recent pay stub.
    If you're retired: official proof of income document.
    If you're self-employed: tax document that lists your income and expenses for the last 2 years.
    If you're a newcomer to Canada: in addition to the above-mentioned documents, other documents may be required to get approved.
  • If you want to buy a rental unit: copy of the leases in effect.
  • If you own a rental unit: tax document that lists your income and expenses for the last 2 years.

Mortgage (to buy a home)

  • Down payment2
    • If you're using your savings: investment account statements with 3-month history, if outside Desjardins
    • If you're using a donation: donation letter signed by all parties and copy of the account statement that confirms that the donor has the necessary funds
    • If you're using your current home: sold home purchase offer with terms and conditions met, if applicable
  • Existing home purchase
    • Accepted purchase offer with appendices
    • Vendor's declaration
    • Fact sheet describing the purchased property
    • Copy of the preliminary contract if purchased from a developer or promoter
    • Improvement plans or bids (purchase with renovations)
  • Construction or self-build
    • Land purchase offer, notarized deed of sale or property tax account statement
    • Copy of the preliminary contract if built by a developer or promoter
    • Plans and specifications
    • Bids and overview of construction costs (self-build only)
    • Copy of the building permit2

Refinancing (property already purchased)

  • Property tax account statement
  • Mortgage account statement (for non-Desjardins mortgages)
  • Mortgage-related invoices, contracts or bids2
  1. To apply online, you must be a Canadian resident, be of the age of majority in the province in which you reside.
  2. To be provided if available, but not required for the first appointment.