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Renew your guaranteed investments

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Guaranteed investments

Save time and travel. Learn more about renewing your guaranteed investments online.

Most market-linked guaranteed investments and Term Savings can now be renewed directly online on AccèsD1 whether they were purchased online or at the caisse.



Save time and avoid trips to the caisse.

Attractive rates

Access to products available exclusively online that offer attractive interest rates.


Several options available:

  • Renew in a similar investment
  • Add money to your investment
  • Renew in a new investment
  • Close the investment at maturity

Easier investment management

You'll get a notice letting you know your investment is about to mature so you can assess your needs. The icon will be displayed to the right of the investment on the AccèsD overview page, in the Savings and investments section.


All it takes is a few clicks.

How it works

  • Log on to AccèsD.
  • In the Savings and investments section, click Options to the right of the investment about to mature displaying the icon.
  • Click Renew or close investment.
  • Follow the instructions.
  1. The following investments cannot be renewed on AccèsD. Please contact your caisse.
    • Products held in registered plans other than RRSPs and TFSAs and non-registered plans
    • RRSPs belonging to a contributing spouse
    • Investments held in business accounts
    • Made-to-Measure guaranteed investments
    • Zenitude Secure Guaranteed Portfolio - Income and Zenitude Dynamic Guaranteed Portfolio - Income
    • Regular income term savings
    • Regular deposit term savings
    • Personalized annuity term savings
    • Diversified term savings
    • My Savings Plan
    • Market-linked guaranteed investments of $1 million or more and term savings of $10 million or more
    • Redeemable term savings of more than 1 year with redemption privileges
    • Investments with certain restrictions, such as holds on an account, life insurance or loan guarantees