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Receive bills and documents with epost

ePoste logo

Free online bill delivery service offered by Canada Post that lets you receive, pay and archive your bills on AccèsD.

Over 150 eligible organizations

Cable distributors, telephone companies, Hydro-Québec, credit card issuers, municipalities and more
See the list of eligible organizations.

A single logon

Receive, view and pay bills all in one place and access them from wherever you are.

Notification of new bills

You are notified when your bills arrive on AccèsD.


You can archive bills and documents for up to 7 years.

Environment impact

You replace paper bills with electronic bills.


Canada Post does not have access to your financial information on AccèsD.


You can access your bills only on AccèsD or through a secure connection that lets you view your bills on the Canada Post site.


From the Statements and documents icon, select Register for epost under Register for online statements and accounts.

Learn more
Frequently asked questions about the epost service (FAQ).

Available in Quebec only.

AccèsD, epost and Hydro-Québec

AccèsD, epostTM and Hydro-Québec have joined forces to bring you an easy new way to manage your hydro bill online!

Receive, pay and store your bills online with epost

The epostTM electronic bill delivery service is a free and easy way to receive your Hydro-Québec bill online on AccèsD. You receive, view and pay your bill online all in one place, whenever it's most convenient for you. You get an email telling you your bill is available. A summary version of your bills is stored for 7 years, while the detailed version is stored for 2 years. Learn more about the epostTM service.

Pay your bill

On AccèsD Internet

You can pay your Hydro-Québec bill by logging on to AccèsD from anywhere. Pay your bill immediately or schedule it to be paid at a later date, and set it to repeat if desired. To pay your bill on AccèsD, you simply need to add Hydro-Québec to your AccèsD bill file. How to enter a bill on AccèsD

By direct withdrawal

You can also use direct withdrawal to pay your Hydro-Québec electricity bill on time every time. No more forgotten deadlines. The amount due is automatically withdrawn from your caisse account. How to sign up for Hydro-Québec Authorized Payment

Register for equalized payments

You can also use Hydro-Québec's Equalized Payments Plan (EPP). With this plan, the annual cost of your electricity consumption (estimated by Hydro-Québec) is divided into 12 monthly payments. You receive a bill every month instead of every 2 months. How to sign up for the Equalized Payments Plan (EPP)

Discover Hydro-Québec's online services

When viewing your Hydro-Québec epost bill on AccèsD, click on the Open my page button to access your Hydro-Québec Personal Page. There you‘ll find all of your account information such as your balance, payment history, and consumption profile.How to create your Hydro-Québec Personal Page

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You must be a Desjardins caisse member or Desjardins credit cardholder.

TM is a trademark of Canada Post Corporation.

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