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Processing times

These forms and applications are processed within the following time frames:

Type of request Processing time
  • Accord D financing (some fields on the form are already filled in)
  • Climbing-Rate Term Savings
  • Savings Account
  • Overdraft transfer
  • Regular Savings Account
  • Redeemable Term Savings
  • Term S@vings
  • Term Savings
  • Travel insurance
  • Desjardins credit card (some fields on the form are already filled in)
  • Regular Deposit Term Savings
  • Market-linked guaranteed investment
  • Auto insurance application
  • Accident insurance application
  • Versatile Line of Credit
  • Mortgage
Follow-up within 24 hours (business days)
Purchase shares of Desjardins Funds Follow-up within 48 hours (business days)
  • Personal Loan (over $12,500)
  • Auto loan
  • RRSP loan
  • Line of credit
  • Student Advantage Line of Credit
Follow-up within 72 hours (business days)
Home insurance quote Follow-up shortly before expiry of your current contract, or within a few days if your contract expires in the current month