Transaction processing days

Posted transactions aren't necessarily dated the day they're carried out, regardless of the method used:

  • ATM
  • Direct payment at a point-of-sale
  • AccèsD Internet
  • AccèsD by phone
  • Mobile transactions
  • In-person transactions at a caisse

System schedule

For transactions carried out: Transactions will be dated:
Monday to Thursday before 9:30 PM The same day
Monday to Thursday after 9:30 PM The next day
Between Thursday after 9:30 PM and Saturday before 6:30 PM Friday
Between Saturday after 6:30 PM and Sunday before midnight Monday

For example, a transaction made at a Desjardins ATM on Monday at 10:45 PM will be dated Tuesday.

The system processes changes the same way no matter what day of the month it is. This means that a transaction made on a Saturday (before 6:30 PM) that falls on the first day of the month is processed in your account as if it had been made on Friday, the last day of the previous month.