Savings-Life Insurance

Savings-Life Insurance

Coverage linked to your Desjardins account

  • Basic life insurance to cover core needs
  • Cancer coverage
  • First 3 monthly premiums refunded1

How does it work?

  • Up to $25,000 in life insurance to help ease the financial impact of your death on your loved ones (funeral costs, final expenses) and even leave something behind for them
  • Up to $6,250 in cancer coverage to help you deal with the financial consequences of a cancer diagnosis (such as tests at private facilities, travel expenses, childcare and caregiver costs)
  • First 3 monthly premiums refunded by your caisse1
  • Find out right away if you're eligible for coverage
  • Tax-free benefit payments
  • Affordable premiums, since Savings-Life Insurance is a group insurance product

3 services included:

  • Psychological assistance: confidential support from a psychologist to help you through difficult times
  • Legal assistance: information about your rights and options to help you resolve legal problems
  • Convalescence assistance – case management: assistance by phone from a team of healthcare specialists and assistance coordinators while you recover
  • You need to have one of the following types of caisse accounts:
    • Qualifying share (membership share)
    • Everyday
    • Regular savings
  • Joint accounts: If both account holders are eligible, both need to get coverage for the account to be insured.
  • You need to be between the ages of 18 and 69 when you apply for the insurance.
  • You can find out right away if you're eligible by answering a few questions.
  • You can insure multiple accounts with Savings-Life Insurance:
    • Qualifying share (membership share) accounts: up to $25,000 in life insurance and $6,250 in cancer coverage per account
    • Personal chequing accounts: up to $25,000 in life insurance and $6,250 in cancer coverage per account
    • Regular savings accounts: up to $10,000 in life insurance per account (no cancer benefit)
  • Total payable for all insured accounts combined is capped at $75,000 (life insurance) and $18,750 (cancer benefit).
  • Insurance amounts vary based on account type and on the age of the insured person when they die or when they receive a cancer diagnosis (as of June 1, 2016).
  • To help keep costs affordable for older insureds, who generally need less coverage, insurance amounts start decreasing at age 70.
  • The monthly premium is automatically debited from your account.
  • How much you pay depends on how old you are—whenever you enter a new age range, your premium will change.

For a full list of conditions, consult the insurance policy available at your caisse or the Savings-Life Insurance Documents (PDF, 885 KB) This link opens in a new window..

To learn more about your coverage if you're diagnosed with cancer, refer to the Cancer Diagnosis Coverage Guide – Savings – Life Insurance (PDF, 247 KB).

Legal notice

The information on this site is intended to help you understand the product by providing a simple, clear summary of the nature and conditions of the insurance. Only the policy and the insurance application will be used to settle legal disputes. Refer to the insurance policy for a full list of terms and conditions.

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1. If you take out Savings-Life Insurance when opening a qualifying share (membership share) account.