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Information required for direct deposits

Country Dollar limit Currency Bank information
Belgium 50,000 EUR IBAN no.:
BE + 14 characters
Canada No limit CAD

Financial institution no.: 3 digits
Transit no.: 5 digits
Account no.: up to 12 digits

France 50,000 EUR IBAN no.:
FR + 25 characters
Germany No limit EUR

Bank no. (BLZ): 8 digits
Account no.: up to 10 digits

IBAN no.:
DE + 20 characters

Ireland 50,000 EUR IBAN no.:
IE + 20 characters
Italy 12,500 EUR IBAN no.:
IT + 25 characters
Mexico 2,500 MXN BIC code or Swift
CLABE account code, 18 digits
Portugal 50,000 EUR IBAN no.:
PT + 23 characters
Netherlands 50,000 EUR IBAN no.:
NL + 16 characters
Spain 50,000 EUR IBAN no.:
ES + 22 characters
UK 30,000 GBP IBAN no.:
GB + 20 characters
U.S. No limit USD Bank (ABA) no.: 9 digits
Account no.: 4 to 17 digits

Only the IBAN no. is required for direct deposits to European countries that participate in the IBAN system. The IBAN system is limited to Europe.