How to reduce your service fees

Choose one of our monthly transaction plans

By signing up for a monthly plan, you save on per-transaction charges.

Use the Select a plan feature on AccèsD Internet and mobile to find the plan that best meets your needs. You can also use it to select a different plan or change your current plan on your own.

Learn more about transaction plans.

Consolidate your everyday accounts

Merge your everyday accounts to save on service fees and make tracking your finances simpler.

That way, you won't have to pay for several transaction plans and you'll find it easier to maintain the minimum monthly balance you need to avoid paying a fee.

Learn more about everyday accounts

Maintain a minimum balance in your account

Your plan costs you nothing if you maintain the required minimum monthly balance in your account.

Learn more about our monthly plans.

Use Desjardins ATMs

There are no additional withdrawal fees when you use a Desjardins ATM.

Use them whenever you can to save on transaction fees.

Locate a Desjardins ATM.

Combine 2 transactions in 1

Ask for cash back at the store when you're using your debit card to pay for items such as groceries.

This helps you avoid exceeding the number of transactions included in your plan and paying additional fees.

Make use of transfers

Looking for a quick way to pay the babysitter or landlord, reimburse a friend or chip in for a group gift?

Interac e-Transfers® and transfers between Desjardins accounts on AccèsD Internet or mobile are affordable ways to send money without having to buy cheques.

Learn more about transferring money.

Sign up for Desjardins email alerts and notifications

In addition to helping you keep a close eye on your finances, alerts and notifications make it possible to avoid NSF charges.

For example, you can get a reminder to deposit money in your account to cover a pre-authorized payment that's about to be returned due to insufficient funds.

You can set up email alerts through the alert service in AccèsD Internet and activate notifications in your Desjardins mobile services app.

Find out more about email alerts.

Opt for overdraft protection

Sign up for overdraft transfers to avoid NSF charges on your account.

When you link your Desjardins credit card to your everyday account, a cash advance is added to your card balance in the event of an overdraft.

You can pay the balance back at any time through AccèsD (Internet, mobile or telephone), at an ATM or at your caisse.

Find out more about overdraft transfers.

Are you travelling soon?

Withdrawals at a Desjardins Bank ATM in Florida or a Crédit Mutuel ATM in France are included in your transaction plan.

Have a great trip!

® Interac and Interac e-Transfer are registered trademarks of Interac Inc. Used under licence.

  1. The fee for the monthly plan will be waived if you maintain your plan's required minimum monthly balance in your Everyday Transaction Account all month long. Transactions that exceed the maximum allowed under your plan or that are not included in your plan are charged at the regular transaction rate.
  2. Except Sunday, 2:00 a.m. to 6:00 a.m. (EST).
  3. Exceeding the available credit limit for an overdraft transfer or failing to comply with the card conditions or applicable credit and security rules may lead to service suspension. See details and conditions.