Direct deposit

Direct deposit

Save time and skip the trip to the caisse. Sign up for direct deposit and have payments deposited directly into your account.

Register for direct deposit

With direct deposit, you can receive your paycheque and government payments (like the Canada Emergency Response Benefit or the Canada Emergency Student Benefit) directly in your Desjardins account.

Direct deposit explained

When you use direct deposit, payments are automatically deposited into your account. It's a simple and reliable way to get paid and access your money quickly.


  • Convenient No need to visit the ATM or caisse
  • Secure Eliminates the risk of loss or theft
  • Fast Funds are available on the deposit date
  • Cost-effective You save on cheques and stamps

How to register

Here's how to register for direct deposit using the Desjardins mobile app and on AccèsD Internet.

Receive government payments in your account

Canada Revenue Agency and Revenu Québec direct deposit

To take advantage of the Canada Revenue Agency or Revenu Québec direct deposit service, just sign up on AccèsD or the mobile app.

Enjoy the convenience of having your government payments, like tax refunds and credits, allowances and benefits, automatically deposited in your account.

In order to enrol for direct deposit:

  • You need a social insurance number
  • You need to be a Desjardins caisse member
  • You need to have registered for AccèsD

Not registered for AccèsD yet?

Register for AccèsD

Register for direct deposit

Retraite Québec direct deposit

There are 2 ways to enrol for direct deposit with Retraite Québec:

Have your paycheque deposited

To have your paycheque deposited directly into your account, simply contact your employer or the paying organization and fill out an enrolment form or provide a void cheque.

Fill out an enrolment form (PDF, 197 KB)  - This link will open in a new window.

Download a void cheque

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