Access Card

Access Card

The Desjardins Access card lets you:

  • make direct payment purchases
  • pay for purchases up to $100 quickly with Interac Flash
  • make transactions at the ATM
  • manage your personal finances online by registering for AccèsD
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How Interac Flash® works

If your Access Card includes the Interac Flash feature, you can use it to pay for purchases of up to $100 without having to insert your card in the payment terminal or enter your PIN.

It’s even easier to make transactions quickly and just as securely.

Look for the logo on the merchant terminal1.
Tap your card on the secure reader.
Wait for the beep or for the word Approved to appear on the screen.

That’s it! The purchase amount is automatically debited from your account.

Does your plan still work for you?

You might find you’re making more transactions than usual with Interac Flash. Compare our plans to make sure yours still meets your needs.

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Pay for purchases with your mobile device

Pay for purchases without pulling out your card. Simply install and set up Google Pay or Apple pay on your mobile device. When paying for a purchase, hold the back of your phone near the merchant terminal to make a contactless payment.

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Security and privacy

You’re protected!

Protecting your security and privacy is a key issue. That’s why several security measures, such as electronic chips and transaction limits, make the transactions made with your card secure. The Zero Liability policy also protects you against fraudulent transactions made with your card. You’re not held liable if fraudulent transactions are made to your card.

Learn more about refunds in the event of fraud

A few tips regarding card security

  • Don't lend your card to anyone.
  • Never give your PIN to anyone, not even to a caisse employee, police officer, friend or family member.
  • Always keep your card within sight during transactions.
  • Memorize your PIN. Don't write it down anywhere, especially on your card.
  • Be discreet: hide the keypad with your body or hand when you enter your PIN.
  • Refuse to enter your PIN on a keypad that you cannot hold in your hands.
  • Don't enter your PIN a second time without first verifying that the previous transaction was cancelled.
  • At the end of the transaction, take your card back and get a transaction receipt.

Learn more about your card and Interac Flash

For answers to all your questions regarding the Interac Flash feature, transaction limits, or lost or stolen cards, see our frequently asked questions.

® The Interac and Interac Flash logos are registered trademarks of Interac Inc. Used under licence.

  1. The Contactless Indicator is a trademark of EMV Co. LLC. Used under license.