Your protection is our priority

Your protection is our priority.

Our members and clients matter to us. That's why we developed Desjardins Identity Protection. And now we're offering it to ALL Desjardins members and clients.

Equifax credit monitoring

Everyone who does business with Desjardins—members and clients alike—can now sign up for the Equifax credit monitoring service for 5 years.

Furthermore, former members and former clients who received in-caisse, in-store and credit card financing products, as well as anyone who has shared their personal information to apply for financing or savings products, can also take advantage of Equifax credit monitoring for up to 5 years.

Members and clients who want to view their Equifax credit report and receive notifications of key changes to their credit will need to:

  • request an activation code by December 31, 2020
  • sign up for Equifax by March 31, 2021

How to sign up for the Equifax credit monitoring service

1. Fill out a form to get an activation code

Before you can sign up for the Equifax monitoring service, you'll need to request an activation code by filling out a short form.

Once you've filled out this form, we'll send you a letter with a single-use activation code for Equifax.

To sign up, you'll need to:

  • have a Canadian mailing address
  • have an email address
  • be at least 18 years old
  • have a credit file (you must already have a credit card, mortgage or line of credit)
Request your Equifax activation code - External link. This link will open in a new window.

2. Sign up for the Equifax credit monitoring service using your activation code

Once you receive the activation code, just follow the 5-step procedure to sign up for the Equifax monitoring service.

How to sign up for Equifax monitoring service

Equifax alerts

If you've signed up for credit monitoring from Equifax, you'll be informed automatically of any changes or events related to your credit report.

Different types of alerts you may get from Equifax and what they mean

The other components of Desjardins Identity Protection

  • Protection

    Your accounts and assets at Desjardins are protected. You won't suffer a financial loss if unauthorized transactions are made in your Desjardins accounts.
  • Support

    If your personal information is used fraudulently, we'll provide you with individual support. Depending on your needs, our team of experts and lawyers will be there for you throughout the identity recovery process.

  • Reimbursement

    All Desjardins members and clients can be reimbursed up to $50,000 for certain expenses incurred while restoring their identity.

The digital age offers a number of exciting new advancements, but also comes with its share of risks. That's why we want to do everything we can to make sure your information is safe.

Learn more about Desjardins Identity Protection

Credit Score in AccèsD

Credit Score is a quick and easy way to keep an eye on your credit report. You can access it for free any time in AccèsD, through the CreditviewTMdashboard.

Use it to check your TransUnion credit score and credit report. It's updated monthly, so you can check your credit history regularly and make sure all the information there is accurate.

Learn more

Learn more

How to reach us

By phone

Personal members and clients
1-800-CAISSES (1-800-224-7737)
Daily 9:00 am - 9:00 pm

Business members and clients
1-888-AFFAIRE (1-888-233-2473)
Monday to Friday 8:00 am - 8:00 pm
Saturday and Sunday 8:30 am - 8:30 pm

To find answers to common questions, see our FAQ.

  • This service lets you check your credit report, including financial commitments you have with any financial institutions. It also includes daily monitoring of your credit report, alerts of key changes, and identity theft insurance.
  • All members and clients who do business with Desjardins
  • All former members
  • All former clients who received in-caisse, in-store or credit card financing products
  • Anyone who has shared their personal information to apply for financing or savings products
  • The main difference is Equifax's alert system.
  • Equifax's alerts let you know if an inquiry has been made on your Equifax credit report, or if any changes have been made to it.
  • Lenders generally declare a consumer's credit changes to both credit reporting agencies (Equifax and TransUnion).
  • As a result, if you're signed up for the Equifax service, you will eventually be alerted to all changes in your credit score, even if the inquiry was initially sent to TransUnion.
  • Credit Score is updated monthly, while Equifax updates daily.
  • It is possible for there to be a slight difference between the credit scores given by Equifax and TransUnion.
  • The 2 credit reporting agencies start off with the same factors, but they use different formulas, weightings and algorithms in their calculations, which may result in different final scores.
  • Credit Score is updated monthly, while Equifax updates daily.

Protecting our members' and clients' personal and financial information is our priority. Desjardins invests more than $70 million each year in fraud prevention and security measures. We've also recently announced that we will be substantially increasing our security investment.

With Desjardins Identity Protection, we cover the costs. It includes identity recovery assistance and compensation of up to $50,000 for certain expenses if your identity is stolen. Psychological support is also available in these situations for members and clients who request it.

The Equifax credit monitoring service is an added component of Desjardins Identity Protection and is offered to Desjardins members and clients for 5 years. It allows you to check your Equifax credit report. In addition, Equifax will monitor your credit report and send you alerts of key changes.

Visit the identity theft section of our website. It has tools and tips to help you navigate today's digital world.

Yes. They'll need to become a caisse member and sign up for AccèsD (online or mobile). They'll also need to meet the eligibility criteria for the service. Members will receive an activation code for the Equifax service in their AccèsD message box in the month after they sign up.

No. The Equifax alert service isn't available for businesses, but they are covered by Desjardins Identity Protection.

No. The Equifax alert service isn't available for trusts and estates, but they are covered by Desjardins Identity Protection.

You'll be able to track your credit with Canada's 2 main credit reporting agencies. What's more, Equifax alerts are a convenient way to see the effect that your financial habits and transactions have on your credit score. It's a handy tool to help you keep track of your finances on your own.

Yes. You can cancel your plan by contacting Equifax, and they'll also sign you up again using the activation code you received in your AccèsD message box.