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Synergie Montréal

Eastern Montreal

About the organization

Synergie Montréal, a group of businesses working together in a circular economy, is the first case of industrial symbiosis in the Greater Montreal area. With Synergie Montréal, nothing is wasted and everything is transformed, as one company's residual materials becomes another company's raw materials.

Goal of the project

To act as a guide for the island's businesses and organizations and create a circular economy ecosystem. To raise their awareness and provide them with resources by setting up a website, where they could find networking opportunities, receive financial aid and more.

Photos of Synergie Montréal

Alain Arteau, Co-founder and President of Papiers et emballages Arteau, and Benoit Arteau, General Manager, in a warehouse
A warehouse full of packing materials
An aerial view of an industrial area
A crane unloading raw materials in a field for a manufacturing company
The Synergie Montréal team holding examples of commercial waste

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