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Desjardins International Commerce Award



In partnership with Export Development Canada

TeraXion - Quebec City

TeraXion manufactures state-of-the-art optical components for communication networks. A pioneer in the area of photonic solutions, this Quebec City company came out strong from the Dot-com bubble crisis. It is preparing for the future by investing massively in a new technology platform that will allow it to provide third generation products to its clients around the globe.


AV&R Vision & Robotics - Montréal

Between 2007 and 2010, the percentage of international activity for AV&R Vision & Robotics climbed from 50% to close to 90%. This 46-employee SME, a leader in the field of industrial automation, offers manufacturing and quality-control optimization solutions. Already well established in the North American market for many years, during the last economic recession, the company decided to explore new business horizons, venturing into such international markets as Europe and Asia.


Lepage Millwork in Rivière-du-Loup – Guy Bonneville, owner

In 2001, this door and window manufacturer made a drastic change that skyrocketed its growth. Since then, the company has been operating in a niche market of high-end residential construction, supplying doors and windows for properties worth $70 million and more.

Well-established in Quebec and Ontario, the company is now receiving enviable recognition in the United States. It is especially popular in a large part of the East Coast of the U.S., where holiday resort owners are looking to build unique residences with doors and windows made from mahogany and other woods. Lepage Millwork products also include wrought iron hardware and a variety of glass options, giving a distinctive cachet to homes.

Lepage Millwork's success in the U.S. is mainly due to its unconditional dedication to clients—"impossible" is not a word in its 275 employee's vocabulary.


HONCO STEEL BUILDINGS, Lévis – Francis Lacasse, President

Founded in 1974, Honco mainly operates in the design, manufacture and installation of freestanding steel buildings for commercial, industrial and recreational construction projects. Honco exports to the United States, Central and Eastern Europe, Asia, North Africa, Turkey and Cuba. The company integrates environmentally friendly practices in its regular operations and has the capacity to design buildings that meet LEED certification requirements. One of Honco's biggest strengths is its team's ability to work on both local and international projects.

Sonaca Montréal, St-Janvier – Philippe Hoste, Chief Executive Officer

This aeronautics industry business, founded in 2003 and a subsidiary of Belgium's SONACA Group, manufactures wing panels and structural parts for the leading manufacturers of regional and business aircraft. The company employs more than 250 people and takes effective measures to limit the environmental impact of its production processes. The company holds 85% of the world market in wing panels for regional aircraft and aims to reach 50% of the business aircraft market as well. To do so, it plans to increase its marketing activities in the key U.S. and European markets.

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