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Desjardins Business Ownership Transfer Award


Jean-Philippe Cantin, President and CEO, Orizon Mobile (in French only) (4 min 2 s)

Added on September 9, 2013


In partnership with Samson Bélair/Deloitte & Touche

Avjet Holding - Drummondville

In 2009, Denis Jacob and Sylvain Touchette acquired Drummondville's Avjet Holding, which specializes in the drumming and distribution of aviation fuel and petroleum products for heating and heavy equipment. These 2 entrepreneurs complement each other on all fronts and are now expanding their business to the Maritimes market and are planning to take it Canada-wide.


In partnership with Samson Bélair/Deloitte & Touche

Comact Equipment - Saint-Georges, Beauce

In 2005, after a number of years of austerity, Comact Equipment, then owned by institutional investors, was put up for sale. The Saint-Georges-based company (in the Beauce region), which specializes in sawmill equipment, was bought by 5 members of the management team with the help of Desjardins Venture Capital. The very first year, the company was returned to profitability, and it successfully weathered subsequent years, despite the worldwide financial storms that lashed the timber industry.


Fempro in Drummondville – Sylvie Lemaire and Ronald Tremblay, owners

The largest feminine hygiene product manufacturer in Canada, Fempro serves as an excellent example of a successful business transfer.

In 2007, Sylvie Lemaire and Ronald Tremblay, then Fempro's owners, were seeking to sell their business without giving it up to U.S. stakeholders. During the year, the 2 owners realized that Desjardins Venture Capital could be the spark plug that would revive their business. This partnership led to a business transfer process that, over time, efficiently brought about the creation of a worker shareholder cooperative.

Today, nearly 90% of the 180 employees who work for Fempro own 9.5% of the company's shares. This commitment by worker shareholders shows how confident they are in the new leadership team and in their business. Fempro's future is promising: it is aiming for $100 million in sales and also wants to refine its planning, execution, strategies and product line.


Dubé & Loiselle Inc., Granby – Daniel Lachapelle, President

A distributor of dried, refrigerated, frozen food and packaging products for the past 60 years, Dubé & Loiselle Inc. has a staff of 150, with a team of 6 experienced people set to take over the business. The transfer process was prepared as a partnership, with the support of several consulting firms in order to ensure that everything runs smoothly for the future of the company and its shareholders, while making sure to keep its clientele informed of the changes. A subsequent transfer phase involving the stakeholders' children is also planned to take place in approximately 10 years. In the medium term, the focus is on developing major accounts and on acquisitions.

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