Why you should have a Facebook page

Facebook is the best form of social media for reaching the general public. Use it to attract new customers, build customer loyalty, inform your customers and promote and humanize your business.

Facebook has hundreds of millions of users, many of whom check the site daily. And Canadians are the world's #1 Facebook users. Need we go on?

Social media like Facebook can be used as word-of-mouth advertising. Or should we say “mouths” plural, since a single message can be read by thousands of people in a blink of an eye. It's virtually cost-free and credible because it is driven by satisfied customers, making it much more effective than traditional advertising campaigns.

Facebook is the best way to reach the general public. Your “Facebook friends” are people who like your business and publicize it by clicking “Like.” They expect certain advantages in return, like being the first to hear about the next sale. Facebook is also a great way to reach young job candidates.

Social media can also be used to collect feedback on your business so you can better understand your customers' needs and quickly resolve any customer service issues. Dissatisfied customers tell 10 people about their situation without your knowledge. With social media, a dissatisfied customer can tell hundreds—if not thousands—of people, but you can respond quickly to make things right. Write a quick message on Facebook, and you'll reach your target audience in no time. Messages are shared with many more people, so you can resolve multiple issues at once.

Social media is extremely popular, so you have to be part of it. People talk about your business on social media. They're calling your name! If you don't answer, your business's image will suffer.

Attract, build loyalty, promote

Your Facebook page will grow your online presence, help attract new potential customers and build the loyalty of existing customers. Having a page will force you to get closer to your customers and be more responsive to them. It's an excellent way to get their comments and opinions. You can also publicize your promotions, discounts and specials as often as you like.

This can be a very profitable strategy. Take for example a grocery store that regularly offers coupons. The traditional approach would be to put them in a circular delivered door to door in a specific area. Such an operation could easily cost $25,000, even though just 10% of people read circulars. Not only does the business reach relatively few consumers, it learns nothing about them in the process.

If this business instead adopts a Facebook strategy, it collects information on 65,000 consumers—people who actually use its products. It can now send them coupons that will have a real impact on the sales and reputation of a new product. Plus, the business can use the information and comments gathered on the Facebook page to better identify consumers' preferences and design promising products.

You can also use your Facebook page to hold a contest wherein customers who want to enter must “Like” your page and share it with their friends, garnering you even more publicity.


A Facebook page can also be used to inform. You can share your opinions and likes. For instance, you could share your latest finds and must-haves with your Facebook friends and community. You can also post factual information from a news source or an industry event. Follow industry leaders and share what they have to say on your page. Make sure to post interesting, credible content.


Use your social media presence to publicize your business. You are a specialist in your field, so let everyone know by posting tips and advice. Share good news such as the launch of a new product or service; the adoption of a new technology, continuous improvement processes or customer satisfaction policy; a contest you're part of; an award you received; or the hire of a key employee or expert.


Show your business's human side. Show your true colours! Your community will appreciate knowing the team behind the logo. Showcasing your team will boost your likability and set you apart from other businesses that offer the same type of product or service. Use your likeness to make your services more attractive!

You can do this by posting statuses about your team featuring photos of them. For example, you could post a photo of your development team hard at work on behalf of your customers during a work session. Humour grabs people's attention, but be sure to always be honest and respectable.

Facebook: A powerful marketing and continuous improvement tool

Communication and interaction are 2 buzzwords in the social media world that includes Facebook and other sites. Social media can be a powerful marketing and continuous improvement tool for businesses, so let everyone know you're on Facebook! Put a link to your Facebook page on your website and in your communications. Better yet, get a QR code so your customers can visit your page on their smartphones. QR, or quick response, codes are 2-dimensional bar codes whose content can be quickly read by a barcode reader, smartphone or webcam.

The most important takeaway is that social media users are looking for authenticity. They love interesting, credible information and funny and inspirational stories. They are open to a new form of solicitation. On social media, the more you talk, the more you strengthen your relationship with your community and the more credible you become. Then and only then can you add the sales component.