Becoming aware of the value of water

  • Age group:
    Students ages 8 and 9
  • When:
    February and March
  • Time required:
    2 hours and 30 minutes

Area of learning:

  • Environment and consumption

Financial and cooperative skills

  • Understanding the effects of humans on the environment
  • Using goods and services responsibly
  • Prioritizing wants and needs


For students ages 8 and 9

Students learn that it's important to conserve drinking water, that their actions have an effect on the environment, and to promote awareness among their peers about water conservation.

Disciplinary competencies

Disciplines Competencies Learning progression
Mathematics Mathematical reasoning
  • Interpreting data using bar graphs
  • Representing data with bar graphs

Affected disciplinary competencies

Disciplines Competencies
English Write a variety of genres
Science and technology Earth and space Describe the effects of water quality on beings

Non-disciplinary competencies

  • Cooperation
  • Putting creative thinking into practice